Topics on Tap


Topics on Tap

Meets the 4th Thursday of Each Month
7:00 - 9:00 PM at Various Locations

“Topics on Tap” is a monthly discussion group for adults, designed to be an informal discussion that leads to deeper thinking. Along with other curious and open-minded learners, we’ll gather for a “cold one” and some good old-fashioned table talk.

We’ll tackle challenging subjects from atheism, climate change, human trafficking and Islam, to more of the lighter fare subjects like the hidden life of trees, extraterrestrial life, sports, friendship and the afterlife. The possibilities are truly as diverse as whatever is on tap.

Facilitated by Pastor Keith and Word of Peace member, Greg Heinecke.

Upcoming Topics:

  • May 25: The Meaning of Life
    at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in Rogers
    Suggested Viewing: "The Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers (PBS mini-series, 1987)
    Suggested Reading: A review of "The Power of Myth" by Christel Loar

  • June 22: Is God a He?
    at Dunn Bros. Coffee in St. Michael
    Suggested Reading: Does God Have a Gender?


Contact Pastor Keith Long at (763) 496-2400.

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