Health & Wellness

Our bodies, minds, and spirits are all connected. Word of Peace strives to be a supportive and safe community where people can be connected with resources and opportunities for both mental and physical health. All are welcome to participate in any of these health and wellness opportunities.

Physical Health & Wellness

Our bodies are connected to our mental and spiritual health. Word of Peace has several opportunities for physical activities that can enhance our spiritual lives.


Sunday Nights at 5:30 PM | FREE
Contact: Marilee Maxwell, Instructor

Take time out of your week to care for your soul during this free 1-hour class taught by a professional yoga instructor. This is a drop-in class and registration is not necessary. 

Walk the "Loop"

The weather in Minnesota doesn't always allow us to go out for a walk, but you can walk comfortably and safely inside at Word of Peace! The "loop" consists of the four main corridors in the church that come together, and 11 times around the "loop" equals one mile. With level surfaces and easy access to seating, bathrooms, and drinking fountains, walking around the "loop" is a great way to exercise when the conditions outside are less than ideal. 

NOTE: There may be activities which could prohibit walking, such as funerals or large events. Please check with the church office for the best times to walk.

Mental Health & Wellness

Word of Peace has a number of groups and resources that support and advocate for mental health and wellness. 

Mental Health Task Force

We are blessed to have a committed group of volunteers who have formed the Mental Health Task Force, which seeks to reduce the stigma of people who live with or love someone with mental illness and mental health challenges. They offer events, classes, and resources for the Word of Peace congregation and surrounding community. More information

If you have questions about or would like to serve on the Mental Health Task Force, please contact Mona Trebesch at (763) 497-5075.

Other Mental Health & Wellness Resources

Grief Support Group

Emotions Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous

A Healthy Mind is Just as Important
as a Healthy Body

Here are a few tips to keep your mind feeling healthy:

  1. Enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise.
  2. Slow down, take some deep breaths or blow bubbles to relax.
  3. Volunteer or help someone on a project.
  4. Spend time hanging out with family, friends or a pet.
  5. Journal, read, draw or listen to music.
  6. Remember that no one is perfect – mistakes happen to everyone.
  7. If a friend shares something upsetting, tell a trusted adult. It’s not tattling.
  8. When too much  is too much, take a break!
  9. Celebrate when you do something good.  
  10. End each day appreciating all of the good things that happened.