Adult Silent Retreat

November 1-3 at Pacem in Terris

26399 Minnesota Hwy 47 NW, Isanti, MN

Situated in some of the most beautiful acreage of Minnesota, Pacem in Terris is a facility and organization dedicated to providing guests with an opportunity to encounter stillness in its sanctuary of silence and solitude, where riches beyond the human imagination await the open heart. It is here that you will detach from the busyness of the world for a while and become one with nature and Christ.

Pacem in Terris is a Franciscan Hermitage featuring simple cabins and a modern spirituality center, with beautiful scenery and wildlife. Each guest is prayerfully assigned a cabin in which they will unplug, unwind, and be changed through silence and solitude.


Cost: $230 per person, includes food and lodging. 

Limited Availability: There are 10 cabins reserved. If you are interested in attending or would like more information, please contact Lydia Svendsen at (763) 496-2421.